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AdsROK - Ad Network Online

AdsROOK is a GDPR compliant. Earn money by starting your own monetized for website service, just like google adsense, exoclick, PropellerAds and, clone scripts! Allow members to Monetization & earn money from website, and keep a share of the profit. AdsROOK includes a complete publisher and advertiser system, campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin(Coinbase – CoinPayments), & Bank Transfer integration, reCAPTCHA integration and much more!

Demo Account

Link Login : ( Admin/Adversiter/Publisher )

Username : Admin

Password : 123456

Easy Install

AdsROOK Features

- Make personal information optional like first name, last name,...
- Administrator can export all user personal data like profile data,
- links, invoices and withdraws.
- Display cookie notification message
- A checkbox field to contact us and support forms to accept
- collecting name and email
- Administrator can delete a user completely with its related
- links, views, campaigns, invoices and withdraws

- Publishers and you can earn money by showing ads on the website you have monetized
- Ability to change the CPM (Cost Per Mille, thousands) and CPC ( Cost Per Click ) for each country
* Different ad types*
- Banner ? 728x90, 468x60, 300x250, 300x600, 120x600, 200x200 and 125x125
- Pop Up
- Direct Link
- Publishers have access to a powerful dashboard
- Statistics sorted by Month & Year
- Auto-generated line graphs

* Each visitor you will purchase will meet the following criteria:
- Unique within a 24 hour time frame
- They are not using Adblock extensions
- They will have JavaScript enabled
- They will have Cookies enabled
- CPM (Cost Per Mille, thousands) and CPC ( Cost Per Click )
* Advertisers can create campaigns for the below adertisments:
- Banner ? 728x90, 468x60, 300x250, 300x600, 120x600, 200x200 and 125x125
- Pop Up
- Direct Link
* Advertisers can select campaigns target sources like
- Desktop
- Mobile/tablests
- Mobile/tablests
- All sources
* Advertisers can pause, resume and monitor their campaigns

* PayPal
* Payza
* Bitcoin – CoinPayments
* Bank Transfer

- Easily accessible & make users admins
- View site statistics on the dashboard
- Change website name & description
- Add your website logo in two versions
- Enable/Disable Account Activation by Email
- Enable/Disable advertising Register
- Change Referral Percentage earning
- Ability to add Head Code into front area pages
- Ability to add Head Code into member area
- Chek Rank Alexa site Publisher
- More

- PHP 7 +
- mod_rewrite module enabled (Apach 2.4)
- OpenSSL

Version 1.0.0 - (15 January 19)
- First release